Ways to Make Your Drinking Water Safer

Bottled water is expensive. While it’s convenient to have a few gallons around the house in case of emergencies, it’s not generally economical to drink it all the time. That means you are, by default, left with whatever comes out of your faucets. But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave your health and safety up to chance. There are a number of practices you can look into from filtration to arsenic removal from drinking water to make sure you’re getting the best quality water possible.

Filter It

Before you look into professional arsenic removal from drinking water, there are some water issues that you can take care of yourself through various forms of filtration. The cheapest is a carafe filter that you pour the water through. The next, most expensive method is to install a faucet filter, and the priciest option is to flush all your water through carbon filters in a process known as reverse osmosis. As you might expect, the pricier options remove more harmful substances from your water, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of each. Whatever method you use, you should only drink cool water from your sink, since heat draws more lead into the water.

Boil It

There are some old-fashioned methods that don’t cost as much as filtration systems or arsenic treatment in drinking water. If you’re in a pinch, you can boil your water to kill germs and parasites and allow the chlorine to escape. This is not always the most practical solution, as there is a time factor involved, and you will likely be using some form of energy to do the boiling, driving up your bills in that area. However, this is especially helpful in emergency situations and times when drinking water quality has deteriorated.

Test It

If you’re trying to avoid high levels of sodium, check to see how much is in your water, especially if you soften your water, as water softeners replace the water’s calcium and magnesium with sodium. You can also check it for chemicals and other substances that are harmful to all. For instance, arsenic, an odorless and tasteless carcinogen, can lead to various conditions such as heart failure and cancer if left unchecked, so it’s best to get that checked. Get professional arsenic removal from drinking water as soon as possible.

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