What Turns People Off About Advertising Banners?

There is plenty of advice to be found about how to create effective advertising flags, banners and other marketing materials. This valuable information can be even more helpful if you consider the things that can completely turn off the people you are hoping to impress. Here are a few things you should never do when designing and using advertising banner flags.

Over Do It

Ever see a business with a dozen advertising flags and banners across the front of their property? What was your first thought? You may have thought they are trying too hard to compensate for a shortcoming. You may have thought they are making a big push because they are planning to go out of business. You may have thought that it is nothing more than a distracting hot mess.

Leave Out Indefinitely

One of the main advantages of advertising banner flags is to catch one’s eye. A banner that is left out indefinitely becomes invisible. It is even worse if it is advertising a sale because commuters notice that and a constant sale won’t result in a push to action. Your potential customers are now thinking that they have plenty of time because there really isn’t a sale going on. Even worse, they may lose respect. Also, if your banner begins to fade or become damaged by leaving it out for a long time it isn’t reflecting well on your business.


Cheap flags and banners are an ideal way to say that you are a budget company. If you aren’t, then you could be sending the wrong message if you don’t obtain high-quality advertising flags. In addition, a low-quality banner runs the risk of turning off customers even when they expect the company to have low cost merchandise.

Offensive Message

Choose the message carefully for advertising flags, banners and other marketing materials. What may have worked a few years ago can now be thought to be insensitive or offensive. There is a growing interest in being politically correct and it is easier to offend people now than it was in the past.

Difficult to Read

Choosing a cute font or having too much information can backfire. When a customer cannot easily read your banner, it becomes ineffective and can make them upset with you. In addition, nix the website or email address if it cannot be easily remembered.

When it comes right down to it, advertising flags, banners and other marketing materials are a great way to boost business but they should be done properly to be effective. Creating ones that upset your potential customers or using them the wrong way can send a message that can hurt more than help.

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