Top Things to Do in Stamford

When visiting any area with friends or family, it’s all about finding adventure and excitement. You have to know the best sites and attractions to enjoy your outing to its fullest. Whether you stay for a day or a week, every moment offers unlimited possibilities. It’s critical to maximize the amount of time you have, and car services in Stamford, Connecticut can help you navigate the streets quickly and efficiently. Whether you want to enjoy the arts and culture or the numerous parks and nature centers, here are 4 popular attractions in the city.

Stamford Museum and Nature Center

This 118-acre property houses a variety of attractions available to the public. From the active 18-acre Heckscher Farm, over 80 acres of hiking trails, the Bendel Mansion, to the Stamford Observatory and planetarium, there is no shortage of activities. The area also features the Wheels in the Woods Trail, a universally accessible trail for any and all nature lovers. The nature center also features the Nature’s Playground, which offers kids the opportunity to look at the world from an animal’s point of view.

Cove Island Park

Located in the Cove section of the city, Cove Island Park is an 83-acre park situated in the Long Island Sound, a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean. This area features a 1-mile looped running/walking trail, an area for children’s play, and wide-open lawn areas; as such, it is a target destination among residents and visitors to enjoy the day outside. Two sandy beaches, a salt march, and mudflats are also beautiful sites for anyone wanting to get out and experience nature.

Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens

The Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens is a 93-acre sanctuary for southwest New England’s natural ecosystems. It is also the historical property of Francis A. Bartlett, a well-known dendrologist and horticulturist. Featuring some of the best that the natural landscape has to offer, such as impressive champion trees and wildflower meadows, this area is a leading botanical and horticultural education resource in Fairfield County.

Curtain Call’s Dressing Room and Kweskin Theaters

Stamford’s longest-running nonprofit theater company, Curtain Call, Inc. was founded in 1990 to entertain patrons and provide a safe environment for learning. The Kweskin and Dressing Room Theaters show at least 12 full-scale year-round productions for patrons along with other special events. They are a popular destination for anyone wanting a night out to enjoy high-quality productions while supporting the local theater group.

The city offers a large variety of points of interests and attractions that you are welcome to enjoy. If you are visiting the city for the first time, the best way to maximize the amount of time you have is to use local car services in Stamford, Connecticut, as they are familiar with the area and will transport you quickly and efficiently through the busy city streets.

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