The Survival Kit for an Emergency Night Out

We have all been there, when we had to attend a party we were not prepared for. So what do you in this situation? Well, obviously you can choose to not attend the party but what happens when your attendance is compulsory? That’s where this article comes in, I will tell you some tricks that will help you survive the emergency night out. And people won’t be able to tell that you threw this outfit together at the last moment.

A sleek black dress

A one piece black dress is amust have in any wardrobe. The color black is perfectly acceptable for formal as well as informal occasions which make the best choice for emergency night outs. There are so many variations of this color present in the market that you cannot go wrong with it. Satin or lace will be more appropriate for formal and business gatherings. You can also choose to pair your one piece dress with other clothing articles like a scarf or a jacket for a more informal look. Black goes well with any other color so, you can create a contrasting effect by adding other colors to your outfit.

Diamond Bangles

You will have to be most careful while choosing accessories. However, diamond bracelets are a perfect match for black dresses. Simplediamond bangles designs that sport many accent stones otherwise known as the eternity bracelets compliment black dresses in an exquisite way. The blackness of your dress will emphasize the sparkle of your diamond bracelet. Try to wear latest diamond bangles for a more contemporary and chic look.

Necklaces or pendants

You should opt between bracelets or necklace if you are going to attend a formal event as wearing both of them will create a cluttering look. Because both your necklace and bracelet will be sparkling and it will divert people’s attention. Try to wear only one statement jewellery item. It will extenuate your outfit and make you look sophisticated. However, for an informal occasion, you can wear both of them but try to differ the metals like a diamond bracelet or gold pendant. If you are wearing a dress with revealing neckline than compliment it with a diamond necklace but if your are wearing a high necked or collared dress, then it is advisable that you go for earrings instead of necklaces.

High Heels

Of course, no outfit whether formal or informal is complete without high heels. You can match the theme of your dress by wearing a pair of black stilettos or you can create a contrast with red high heel. You all know black and red produce a stunning effect that will instantly catch the attention of your viewers. The place where you are going to attend the party should be taken into consideration while choosing your footwear. If the venue of the party does not allow high heels then go for open toed sandals. You can also wear sneakers or gladiator sandals in case of informal occasion. Visit the site, for more information.

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