What Is Supplemental Security Income Back Pay?

If you apply for supplemental security income because you are elderly, disabled, and/or have a limited income, then you might depend on this extra money right away. However, there is often a long delay between when you fill out an SSI application form and when you are approved for benefits. Worse, there can even be a delay between when you are approved for supplemental income and when you actually receive your first SSI check in the mail. An attorney can help you obtain and successfully fill out an SSI application form in Kansas City. Further, they can help you obtain something highly important to many individuals: back pay.

When You Are Awarded Benefits

Once the Social Security Administration receives your application, they will review it, along with any pertinent medical records, to determine if you should be awarded benefits. If they determine that your application meets their standards, you will be awarded finances on a regular basis. However, Social Security may owe you more than just your monthly check amount.

One such amount you may deserve is called “Back Payments.” This amount is the money you receive to cover the months between the date you filled out your SSI application form and the date you are officially approved for benefits.

Why the Delay?

There are several reasons why it may take a few weeks to process your SSI application. For one, there are many people applying for SSI and other Social Security benefits. This means that there can be a delay between you sending in your application and an employee of the SSA actually beginning to review it. Further, the applications are intensive and require proof of income and even health records. The SSA will take the time to review these records before determining if you qualify. Once you are officially awarded benefits, several weeks may pass, weeks in which you have been living at a sub-standard income.

However, if you receive back pay, you will be compensated for the long wait time between application and approval. The amount of this check will be based on your monthly SSI payment times the number of months you had to wait. Social Security generally issues back pay if it’s determined that you need funds for housing, food, and medical expenses, as well as if you have debts related to medical and other necessities.

The process is confusing for most people, but thankfully there are attorneys in your area that specialize in SSI and other Social Security benefits. They can help you fill out an SSI application form in Kansas City and can even help you obtain back pay.

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