Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Let’s imagine that you find yourself the happy owner of a new pet!Of course, you want to be a good parent to your beloved animal, and this is why it’s important that you get appropriate pet care information.The truth is, there’s quite a lot of misinformation floating around, especially regarding the spaying and neutering of pets.However, one important piece of pet information that you must know is that spaying or neutering is essential to responsible pet ownership.

Myths Regarding Spaying and Neutering

Being a responsible pet parent means having accurate pet care information. This can prove a challenge when there are many myths surrounding the topic of spaying and neutering.Here are some common myths that should be dispelled.

Myth One:Spaying or neutering can be painful and even dangerous for a pet.Actually, it’s a relatively routine procedure, one that your local veterinarian performs all the time.After being spayed or neutered, your pet will likely come home the next day, maybe even the same day.Within a week, your pet should be healing well and back to his or her active, happy self.

Myth Two:Spaying or neutering will dramatically change your pet’s behavior.This myth may actually be true.In the case of male’s especially, neutering can change an animal’s behavior for the better.Males who have been neutered tend to be less aggressive.Male cats will likely not “spray” in your home to mark their territory.Female pets will not come into heat, so they won’t cry, howl or act out in other ways associated with being in heat.

Myth Three:Spaying and especially neutering can make your pet lazy and fat.Overfeeding and under-exercising your pet contributes to a pet being overweight and facing health problems associated with being overweight, not neutering or spaying.

Myth Four:You may believe that your pet is so special or wonderful that the world deserves more just like the one that you have.While it is understandable and even desirable that you have the sort of emotional attachment to your pet that makes you believe he or she is the most amazing cat or dog in the world, this is not necessarily a good reason to reproduce.Our society faces a huge overpopulation problem when it comes to cats and dogs, and your pet’s offspring will not be exactly like your pet anyhow.

Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancy, spaying or neutering your pet can actually have many benefits.As you embark upon your new relationship with a new pet, it’s important that you have the necessary pet care information to make choices that are in the best interest of your pet.

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