Raising Believable to a Brand New Level

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, people from all over the world visit Times Square New York attractions every year.  In a city where superheroes pose for pictures, Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse are reportedly fighting over tips, and a naked cowboy serenades you on the street corner, it may be hard to imagine that you can find attractions even more fascinatinginside a museum.  But it’s true.

Selfie Heaven

The 500+ artifacts and 20+ themed galleries sprawling over two floors make this one of the premier NYC Times Square attractions.  If you’re planning to post selfies on Facebook, you may shock your friends and family when you’re photographed as half a person or with your head in a jar.  Imagine posting your photo on Instagram as you hang off the Empire State building, just like King Kong.  For those who love taking adventure shots, don’t miss looking eye-to-eye with live cockroaches in your photo.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Rare and unusual beauty is raised to a whole new level.  See how people have changed themselves in pursuit of style.  Vampire fangs, neck lengthening and lip stretching are just the tip of the fashion iceberg.  Perhaps you prefer shrunken heads or decorated skulls.  Visit the Marilyn Monroe room and celebrate one of America’s most iconic beauties.  Or marvel over Elvis Pressley’s hair.

Iconic Americana

Baseball has a rich history in New York, and no sports fan should visit Times Square New York attractions without enjoying this inspiring baseball exhibit. You can find everything from seats at iconic sporting venues to uniforms worn by some of the game’s greatest players.  For the superhero fan, Captain America will surprise. Or if you love the villain, check out Darth Vader made entirely of staples.

Hands-On Fun

Find hundreds of rare artifacts, astonishing relics, and thrilling interactive exhibits when you visit this most unusual museum that specializes in the unexpected.  Celebrate your own personal new years with an original Times Square ball.  Be amazed by peculiarities from around the world as you learn something new in every room.  Will you be brave enough to push the button in the bathroom?

Something for Everyone

Explore the world and its oddities while visiting Times Square New York attractions.  From the shrunken heads room to the black hole, from the Berlin Wall to the trophy room, from the Spanish Armada to the bug bar, you’ll find it difficult to leave without expanding your mind to new possibilities.  Believe it or not.

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