Qualities to Look For in a Good CPA Firm

Few people enjoy doing their own taxes or understand the complicated nuances of making sure everything is filled out correctly. That’s why every year hundreds of people make their way to a Los Angeles CPA to get some professional accounting experience. If you’re looking for a good CPA firm, you should know that there a few things you need to check off before you spread all your receipts out during tax season. Making sure you’re working with a seasoned specialist ensures a much less stressful tax, auditing or accounting experience.

Client and Service Versatility

While it might be tempting to go to an individual tax preparation office, you might feel more peace of mind with a Los Angeles CPA firm, as Certified Public Accountants have years of experience and certifications to handle a number of different services. Whether you’re looking for help with your taxes, merger or acquisition, a CPA firm is your bestchoice. Additionally, CPA firms handle multiple kinds of clients, usually everything from private companies to closely held businesses and individual practices. Before you settle on an accountant, make sure he or she has worked with someone like you before and is prepared to handle your affairs effectively.

Customer Service

One of the most important things to examine before choosing an accountant is the level of customer service. You might not want to work with a Los Angeles CPA who has no experience with residential real estate. Customer service is more than a pleasant smile and calming phone demeanor. It also applies to what customers and industries the firm is used to working alongside. Find one that can handle accounting for every business from a manufacturing firm to an entertainment venue to nonprofit organizations. Being able to serve the needs of everyone who walks through the door is an indication that it’s a company you can trust.

Multiple Locations

It’s true that many companies function effectively out of one office, but the more offices a company has, the more it tells you about its success in the industry. Large reach signifies employee loyalty, consistent growth and reliable cash flow, so becoming a customer won’t be a significant risk. Don’t hesitate to read reviews and client testimonials, as these are helpful in getting a behind the scenes look at how the company operates.

Account for Success

Put the work into finding a good Los Angeles CPA. It will pay off when you walk through the door, feel valued as a customer and walk back out having received effective accounting solutions.

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