Purchase or Rent Crane Mats for Your Jobsite

Part of a project manager’s job is to ensure a safe workplace, no matter the construction site or work being done. If you are faced with a job that is located on unstable ground or on land that has environmental restrictions, a crane mat may very well become your best friend. These mats can be used to stabilize heavy equipment and create safe vehicle roads through the project site. In fact, multiple crane mats will be useful under the following conditions.

Difficult Soil

Difficult soil can mean anything from unstable ground to environmentally protected land. Unless the project is demolition, construction of any type is meant to enhance the land not destroy it. When you visit your project site for the first time, look everything over carefully and test the grounds. You may find that you’ll need mats to create a stable condition upon which workers and equipment will rest. You may also need to protect certain areas of the jobsite from damage, such as marsh land or ground that is considered sacred by indigenous people.

Harsh Climates

Part of what makes soil difficult is the climate in which it rests. If your jobsite is in an area that has a harsh climate, such as excessive heat, wind or moisture, you may need to secure a crane mat or two to make certain your jobsite can stand up to the climate around it. Nothing will stop your project in its tracks more quickly than an inability to station a crane on the soft soil found in desert climates. You need to work with the climate not against it to ensure your project goes smoothly, and mats throughout your project site can help you address climate issues that affect the ground.

Inclement Weather

Finally, you may be lucky. Your project is on superior ground soil within a temperate climate. There isn’t anything to worry about, until that unexpected downpour hits for days at a time. Thankfully, inclement weather is predicted, so you can prepare for it. You can set up mats throughout your site to protect the ground, equipment and work that has already been performed. For example, you may have just had your subcontractor lay down all the plumbing and you need to cover it up with mats before the storm hits to protect the workmanship.

These are just some ways enlisting the help of a crane mat can keep your construction project safe and running toward completion smoothly. Contact a reliable vendor to discuss mat needs and sizes.

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