How to Prepare Guests for The Renovation of Your Hotel

Deciding the right time for performing a renovation of the hotel is a very important task for a hotel manager. You need to be transparent in letting people know about its construction. This can prevent hurt the feelings of the guests. There can be a possibility that your being transparent can backfire your customers.

It can make them unhappy due to the cancellation of their plans. You need to learn the right way to inform your customers about the construction process without creating any hurt or annoyance.

Be Honest

To develop excitement and save yourself from any negative reviews from the guest, it is necessary to be honest about all your plans related to the hotel renovation. Also, to avoid sudden disappointment, as a hotel manager you need to communicate about ongoing amendments in terms of improvisation of look and enhancement in amenities to your guests and shoppers in person as well as online.

Tell them upfront at the time of booking process so that they may not be taken into a surprise. Construction can cause noise and bring some disruption in the services. Admit the fact that no guest would like to arrive to a hotel that is under renovation as this will not give them a restful environment to sleep, eat and work.

So, it is in the best interest of the guest to learn beforehand of what will be the scenario if they do the booking at such time. On the opposite, when you hide renovation from your guests, it can leave them with the feeling of being deceived on arriving at the hotel. This can get you bad online reviews. Several designing firms offer interior design hospitality to their clients.

Notify online by placing alerts

Your guests would have surely subscribed to your website and new visitors will definitely check your website before considering your hotel for the stay. Thus, your website holds a lot of importance to inform users about any important news concerning to your hotel.

You can place alerts on the homepage of the website to inform users about construction that is going to take place in your hotel. This would surely avoid unpleasant surprises and that they can plan the visit once the construction work is over.

Provide detailed information about construction

Insufficient information about the construction work can lead to a nightmare for the arriving guests. To avoid this, you need to provide them with detailed information about how the construction is going to impact their stay. This will help them understand the situation better and make proper arrangements in any other hotel.

Using Social media for informing people

Social media proves to be a beneficial tool at the time of your hotel’s renovation. It is also a very inexpensive way to put across your message to several people at once. You can even post this announcement message across different online distribution channels. This will assist and inform shoppers about renovation of a hotel.

To build excitement, you can let people know about new improvements, amenities etc. that are being added to the hotel during the construction. Uploading photos related to construction can also give guests an information of how the newly furnished rooms will look.


Arrival of guests to a hotel just to find that the hotel is in under construction can put them off. You need to be skillful in dealing with their feelings of disappointment, surprise and even negative reviews. These ways will definitely help you accomplish construction work without hurting the sentiments of your valuable guests.

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