Practical solutions for the large bathtub in the Baby Shower

You can use your large tub for Baby’s bath. There are practical solutions for this: The tub reducer  quickly turns your tub into a baby tub playpen with removable bassinet. Additional benefit: you consume much less water. Choosing the baby shower gifts is important in this case.

The bath seat: from birth up to 8 months. It fits easily in the tub and keeps your baby comfortably lying down with his head above the water.

The floating bath mattress: for babies from 3 to 8 kg. It keeps your baby in his bath while you wash him.

The swim ring: some rings can be used from 6 months, when your baby begins to sit up. It keeps your baby upright in the bath.

The non-slip bath mat: for older babies. Some rugs even measure the temperature of the water.

In a shower, you can use a shower sea, which is very comfortable for you and your baby. This shower seat is high so that you have an ergonomic position to wash Baby.

Please note: you should of course always stay close to your baby and keep an eye on him. It can slide at any time, even in a swim ring or on a non-slip mat!

16 Practical Baby Shower Gifts for Moms

The bath bucket

  • Your baby will stay upright while being free to move around.
  • Your baby feels like in a little cocoon, which reassures him.

Relieves abdominal cramps: 

The warmth of the water and the regained embryonic position make it possible to alleviate colic, even to make it disappear.

Convenient for you: you place it wherever you want and easily immerse your baby in it by holding it with your hands. The bucket is transparent, allowing you to check Baby’s position inside. And of course, it takes up little space.

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Economical and ecological: you use very little water. In addition, it stays hot there longer.

  • You must hold Baby by the neck, between your thumb and forefinger. Some parents do not feel comfortable in this position and prefer to hold it with the whole arm in a bath.
  • Baby’s hair is more difficult to wash. You will likely get more splashes and your baby will get more water in their eyes.
  • It is also more difficult to wash your lower body (legs, buttocks, feet).

When you start shopping for baby shower gifts, you will be amazed at the number of options available. The truth, however, is that most of the purchases people make for baby showers are completely frivolous and either thrown away or not used by parents.

The best baby shower gifts are items that parents will actually use, and while this isn’t the most exciting buy, it’s definitely the most practical. After all, you want your gift to be something new parents can use to make their lives easier. It’s not just a nice gift that really doesn’t help.


If you’re having trouble deciding what the best baby shower gift is, you’re in luck. Below are all the tips and tricks you need to choose a baby shower gift that parents will use regularly.