Mini Facelift versus Traditional Facelift: Is It Right for You?

Tired of always looking worn and aged, but don’t think that you need a complete facelift? There’s a great option when it comes to a mini facelift in Newport Beach. A mini facelift offers many of the benefits of a traditional facelift and helps to minimize some of the downsides of a facelift. Learn more about this procedure to determine if it’s right for you.

How Does a Mini Facelift Differ from a Full Facelift?

A mini facelift is very similar to a full facelift in that it’s a surgical procedure done to help tighten your skin and facial muscles that have become loosened over time. A mini facelift will focus on your jowls, nasolabial folds, and your midface, whereas a traditional facelift would concentrate on those areas in addition to your neck and forehead.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift in Orange County is perfect for someone in their 40s to 50s that need a bit of help along their jawline and cheeks to help reduce the signs of aging.

Benefits of a Mini Facelift

There are some benefits that come from opting for this type of facelift over a traditional one. The first is that the surgery is less intensive. Fewer incisions are being made during this procedure as it’s not covering as much area. In addition, they’re smaller than they would be for a traditional surgery. They’re also well hidden as they’re made by your hairline and behind your ears making it easier to keep this your secret. A final benefit is that your recovery time will be shorter.

Procedure Itself

As this is still a cosmetic surgery, it’s important to understand the procedure that’ll happen. You’ll be put under by a board-certified anesthesiologist during your procedure for your comfort and safety. This anesthesia helps to relax you and your facial muscles so that the doctor can perform the procedure. After your procedure, you’ll start to notice your results quickly, and full recovery from it takes about two weeks. At the two-week mark, your swelling should be down, and the incisions made healed.

How Do I Move Forward?

If you believe that you’d be a candidate for a mini facelift in Newport Beach, contact the Appearance Center today to set up a cosmetic consultation. During the discussion, you’ll learn about if you’re a good candidate, the entire process of the procedure, and what the next step will be. We look forward to helping you put your best foot forward in the future.

Short Summary: A mini facelift is an option for people that are starting to notice aging and sagging around their cheeks and jaw that has benefits over a traditional facelift.

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