Important Components of Successful Addiction Recovery

It’s frustrating to watch a loved one struggle with the grip of alcohol or drug addiction, even after they’ve attended rehabilitation programs. However, it’s important for both the addict and his or her loved ones to recognize that a failed rehab program doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you’re looking into residential addiction treatment in Orange County, it’s important to understand what components will be necessary for successful addiction recovery.

12 Step Programs

12 step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have shown positive results for years, which is why almost every successful recovering addict goes through this program. AA participants will find more success as they work through the steps of recovery when they understand the history of AA as well as how to participate in AA groups to make it a meaningful experience.

Addressing Mental Health

For an addict to be successful in overcoming addiction, it’s also imperative that the overall mental health status is evaluated. This process can differ among clients, but can include individual therapy, group therapy, evaluating thinking and feeling patterns, and studying the theories of leading psychologists. Any diagnosed mental illnesses need to be treated to help avoid falling back into addiction.

Life Skills

Many addictions result from an inability to cope and function in society and the workplace. For an addict to successfully recover, there should be training to teach basic skills like studying, writing resumes, and interviewing for jobs. For some addicts, this part of the recovery process may include learning about drug laws, finding a lawyer, and cleaning up their legal past. It’s also important for recovering addicts to learn decision making skills and anger management techniques. Identifying hobbies and books of interest to help keep the mind engaged is also essential.

Physical Health

Proper physical health is also important for good mental health. Addiction recovery is usually more successful when there’s proper nutrition and regular physical activity along with education about wellness management and how the human body works.

Interpersonal Relationships

Good social skills are also important for full addiction recovery. It’s important to know how to resolve conflicts with family and friends without turning to alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, these communication skills need to be learned in residential addiction treatment in Orange County, since relationships often become strained between an addict and loved ones. But, these relationships are an important component to staying sober and free from addiction throughout life.

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