Importance of MangalasutraIn A Woman’s Life

A Mangalsutra is a combination of two Sanskrit words. Mangala means ‘holy’ while sutra means ‘thread.’ It is a kind of necklace which a groom ties around his bride’s neck. The ceremony is called MangalyaDharanam. It is a sign that a woman is married. India, Nepal and Sri Lankan people use it in their marriages. According to Hindu tradition, a woman wearsmangala sutra for the long life of her husband.

Hindu wedding is full of ceremonies and lots of rituals. Wedding takes days to complete because of a large number of functions. Various rituals are performed by the bride and groom. According to common belief the rituals are considered very important as both are going to start a new relationship for the next seven lives.  Amidst all this a single piece of jewelry stands out among the rest of the things. And that is a mangalasutra. Usually it is a gold chain. It can be of any other metal with black beads. At the neck there is a pendant hanging down. This piece of jewelry signifies a woman’s love for her husband. A woman wears it for an entire life.

Such important it has that an Indian woman guards it with her life. Such an important thing should have a high quality. You should look for mangalsutra online. There are a variety of designs and qualities available. A thing that has to be worn for a lifetime should have a very high quality. That’s why you should select a gold mangalsutra. Gold doesn’t rust. Its color does not wear away. Water doesn’t damage it easily. It is mild and soft yet solid. Therefore it cannot be dented or fractured. That’s why gold remains the best choice in all times.

As times goes on, multiple mangalsutra design are now available in the market. Online stores are full of varieties. And it is easy to shop online. Life is getting busy day by day. You have to work hard to keep pace with the society, and you need to buy quality things especially when it comes to mangala sutra for your daughter-in-law. Instead of going to a market and search from shop to shop and waste your precious time, just open your laptop or tablet and search for different designs and qualities. Select with just one click and place your order. It is very simple, hassle-free and easy. Now diamond mangalsutrais also available on online stores. You are just one click away from thousands of different designs.

Times have changed. We are living in a tech-equipped cyber world where meaning of relationships are fading away fast. Still in this cold world, this holy thread has not lost its importance. Even today women guard mangala sutra with their lives. Your daughter-in-law has to wear this piece of jewelry every single day. So while purchasing it you should keep in mind its weight. In case of working women, a light weight is the best choice. But it is also a fact that a heavy weight gold mangala sutra means more solid gold, which in turn means more durability and an extended lifespan.

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