Why Home Care is a Better Option than Institutionalizing Loved Ones

If your parents or loved ones have reached a time in their lives when they can no longer take care of everything on their own, you may be considering options to get them the help they need. While assisted living facilities and nursing homes have been the most common choice for adults who need care, home care is an increasingly popular alternative, and with good reason. Here are some reasons why hiring a Newport Beach caregiver is a better option than institutionalizing loved ones.

It’s Healthier Physically

Home care can actually be better for the physical health of your elderly relative. For one thing, living in an institution where others are likely to be ill makes picking up an infection more likely. At home, there’s no additional health risks. Not only that, if your relative is recovering from surgery, research has shown they are likely to recover more quickly at home than in an institution. Other research carried out by governments and nursing schools shows that home care can even extend life.

It’s Healthier Emotionally

The vast majority of people, nine out of ten according to some research, say they would prefer home care to institutional care. The move to a new living arrangement can be very stressful and even frightening for some older adults. Staying at home and hiring a Newport Beach caregiver allows for some continued independence and a familiar setting, both of which provide comfort and dignity during a difficult time.

It Keeps Families Together

For people who have already made a move to live with adult children, being moved to institutional care can disrupt the whole household. If older relatives really only need assistance while other family members are at work or school, then moving them to a nursing home may also be overkill when bringing in part-time home care would keep them at home with family. The love and support of caring family members is often the most important variable in the health and well-being of older adults.

It’s Usually More Affordable

Unless your loved one is in need of 24-hour medical attention, home care is almost always more affordable than institutional care. Why pay for 24-hour care provided by an institution when part-time personalized care is all that’s needed? With home care, every case is treated individually, ensuring you get the care you need without paying for care you don’t.

Homecare is better for people, families and governments. If you’ve been trying to decide what’s best for your loved once, consider exploring home care in Laguna Beach or hiring a Newport Beach caregiver. It will be better for their physical and mental health and will almost certainly cost less.

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