How Handmade Guitars Are Different From Factory Made Guitars?

When you go to guitar shops or visit online guitar stores, you will see separate displays of handmade guitars and factory made guitars. It might make you wonder about how different or similar they are from each other. After all, they both produce music. If you have these questions in your mind, just read on…

Since handmade guitars are unique and manually manufactured, they are highly popular, and the most opted for, when compared to factory made. They both have different standards and are built with different techniques.

When buying an acoustic guitar, don’t get carried away by its physical looks. It’s not always, what you see is what you get! Most time, the look can deceive. Therefore, it is imperative to understand and without doubt, differentiate between Handmade and Factory made guitars. In this article; we’ve done a comparison between the two for you to understand the difference in a much better way.

What are the options?

Factory guitars, being produced in large numbers, you cannot personalize the specifications according to your needs. So what’s the solution? To style it in your way, you need to pay extra money, and then the finished piece will be altered as per your request.

Whereas, handmade guitars can be customized according to your needs, right from the scratch. They give you more choices and adeptness, when compared to factory made guitars.

How personal you can get with the makers?

When you are dealing with a guitar maker personally, you can discuss what you want in your musical instrument. Mostly guitar makers are musicians themselves, and will clearly understand your needs. They will also suggest you with tips on how well your instrument can be personalized to suit your needs.


Well, everyone has a different definition of quality.

For a factory maker, quality is

  • How speedily they manufacture guitars?

For both, hand maker and musicians, quality is

  • How good the guitar sounds?
  • How easily can it be played? 

Which one is better? Handmade or factory made?

Well, they both are good in their different aspects. They both are made in an entirely different manner. Factory guitars are manufactured in large numbers using machines, whereas individuals make handmade guitars.

While choosing between the two, you must consider the following

  • Who is the maker? Is the person a beginner or experienced? Well, you won’t deny the fact that experience matters a lot!
  • What about the parts and products used to manufacture it? Are they complying with required standards?
  • What amount of design and tones? Is the quality maintained during the production?
  • What degree of care and attention has been taken while making them? Are they neat?

The collaborative factor

Collaboration factor plays a vital role. Usually, guitar makers collaborate with musicians, to get their work reviewed. They always welcome suggestions from these musicians about their work and what challenges they could face from their competitors so that they can work for better enhancement.

Just like a math problem, buying a guitar is never easy! Thus, one must take time out to research a little before investing in it.

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