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If you’re looking for boarding schools with learning support, you probably already know that there is a range of options available. Most full-service schools offer some measure of assistance to students who benefit from added or specialized attention, but the types of programs and specifics of the facilities differ greatly from one option to the next. The right resources secure the highest possible level of independence for students upon graduation. Here are a few programs to keep an eye out for when you’re considering boarding schools for learning disabilities.

Reading Programs

Dyslexia is often one of the hardest things to deal with in an academic or business setting. It can alter self-esteem and affect social perception. Reading programs at boarding schools are often equipped not only to mitigate the effects of this condition, but also to provide a context for students with dyslexia. The fact is that many people have overcome their dyslexia to meet with great success. Some have even used the unique qualities of reading disabilities to give themselves an advantage in negotiations or self-expression. Choose a school with programs to develop reading skills and impart confidence.

Behavioral Testing

There are many behavioral and learning disorders, and there are many tests available to provide statistical data on student progress. One of the most important parts of developing an effective learning strategy is the ability to maintain oversight on the effectiveness of current measures. To this end, you should look for schools with well-equipped testing centers.

Personal Coaching

Small groups and one-on-one settings with coaches and advisors is often a keystone of academic success for any student. The effectiveness of this is even greater when students aren’t getting the engagement they need from traditional classroom formats. These smaller settings provide an opportunity for students with learning disabilities to ask the questions and take the actions they wouldn’t in a larger group, such as a classroom. Another thing to look for is experiential or project-focused programs. These provide a division of the classroom group that’s often helpful for behaviorally disabled students.

Reading programs, behavioral testing and academic coaching are just a few of the different types of services available at boarding schools with learning support. There are several more that may be better suited to a given student, so make sure to check for your institution for a list of available programs. Some schools have relatively complete listings of services available online, but it never hurts to reach out in person and describe your situation. If you’d like an example of a full learning assistance department, check the site of this boarding school.

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