Why You Should Have That Generator Installed Professionally?

We all like to think we are highly self-sufficient. If we can do it ourselves, we like to do so. There are some times, though, where professional help is not only smart, but necessary. Residential generator installation in Bentonville, AR, is one of those times; here is why.

Code and Ordinance Compliance

Unless you work in the construction industry, building residences, it is very unlikely you know building code compliance standards. If you are doing a residential generator installation, Bentonville, AR has its own municipal requirements that a professional installer will be well aware of. Not knowing building code or municipal rules can have dramatic consequences if anything ever goes wrong.

You could put your loved ones in danger through fire and carbon monoxide poisoning risk. An improperly installed generator can also be reason for an insurance company to negate a policy if you ever do have damage caused by electrical wiring or fire. If you ever did get caught, in most municipalities, you open yourself up to the possibility of having fines levied against you until you fix the issues that are discovered. You also would negate any warranties pertaining to your generator if it is not properly installed, which, in the worst case scenario, could lead to you having to replace your generator out of your own pocket.

Electrical, Fire, and Asphyxiation Risks

Generators are extremely useful tools, but also have very high risk factors, particularly if they are not installed properly. Improperly installed generators can cause electrical shocks and electrocution, increased fire hazards and a risk of asphyxiation by carbon monoxide. In fact, just about every year there are dozens of stories nationwide of improperly installed or used generators killing people because of all three risks. A generator properly installed by a professional greatly reduces if not eliminates all three as possible risks to your property and life.


There is nothing more stomach turning than needing power for your house and the generator not working like you thought it would. This is particularly true if you are looking for residential generator installation in Bentonville, AR, because of our risk of severe weather. A professional installation ensures your generator will work when you need it to work.

residential generator installation in Bentonville, AR, should always be professionally done. Not having your installation done professionally can lead to very problematic and even life threatening consequences. Sometimes, as much as we like to think we can handle everything, a trained professional can help us avoid a lot of problems.

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