These Four Features Could Lead to Happier Customers and Calmer Employees at Your Inbound Call Center

Your best sales agents are only as good as the inbound call center software at their disposal. If you’re getting ready to upgrade your system or are just becoming increasingly aware the tools you’re currently using aren’t sufficient for the traffic levels you typically experience, numerous features could lead to better results for your business every day.

A Storage System for Inbound Calls

It’s essential to have a reliable way to record and refer back to all calls received. Such capabilities make it easier to give sales agents constructive feedback during periodic reviews and also give you peace of mind if a customer argues that something occurred during a call but his or her account of things doesn’t match with how your employee says things went. Seamless call tracking also allows you to verify where there’s room for improvements and whether newly instituted procedures are beneficial.

Employee Monitoring Capabilities

 A call center can be a stressful place, especially for people who only began working in it recently. However, feedback is necessary at all stages of an agent’s career, and feature-rich call center software allows members of your company’s management team to listen in on calls, join conversations when needed and check the number of queued customers.

Based on the things learned via the monitoring features within the inbound call center software, managers can provide praise for the employees who excel on a consistent basis and give coaching to those who struggle more frequently. If such constructive criticism doesn’t occur, employees may form incorrect impressions about overall performance.

An Interactive Voice Response Option

When calls get routed to the proper departments, customer satisfaction tends to go up and employee stress levels go down because callers can speedily get the information they require instead of having to explain their circumstances to multiple agents. Purchasing inbound call center software that features interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities makes it simple to create intuitive touch-tone input menus that customers can listen and respond to while conveying the kind of assistance they need.

An Automatic Call Distributor

If some employees constantly get more calls than others do even though additional workers are available to take calls, morale may plummet. An automatic call distributor (ACD) sends calls to the proper agents in real time to keep communications flowing smoothly. Some even operate In the cloud.

These are four of the many features you might need to learn more about to help your call center remain efficient. A trustworthy provider could supply you with further details to guide purchasing decisions.

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