Features of the top Stacker Lifts

Anyone who works in a warehouse or in a facility or job where moving inventory from one place to another is a common task knows that having the right tools and equipment can make the work so much easier. If you don’t have well-built, effective machinery to help out, not only will it take you longer to complete your assignments, but you put the supplies you’re moving and yourself at risk. Think of the back-breaking nature of the work if you didn’t have forklifts, hand trucks and other devices to assist you. An electric stacker lift is another piece of equipment that can greatly aid in moving heavy items on and off shelves. If you work in these circumstances, you don’t want to be without this item.

Can Take on Heavy Loads

If your job requires you to move supplies from place to place, you’re certainly capable of moving heavy items as needed. But throughout the course of the day, you’ll be worn out quickly if you have to do everything by hand. A good electric stacker lift is able to hold up to 350 pounds, whether you’re moving boxes or any other type of equipment or materials. There’s no reason to strain yourself and risk injury or mishap when your device can easily take care of this type of task.

Rise to the Occasion

Forklifts have long been valuable tools in any warehouse, construction site or similar atmosphere. But if you have a lighter load, but still one that exceeds your capacity to handle, a lift stacker is ideal. Even the most basic models can rise to a height of 60 inches. Other, more advanced models, have a height capacity of up to 7 feet. This means if you’ve got to move materials from the ground to a high shelf, and you want to do so safely without causing pain to yourself or risk getting on a ladder, this stacker can easily get the job done.

Long Battery Life

An electric stacker lift will come with a battery that, when fully charged, has plenty of life in it to work hard for you throughout the day. Battery life can last up to 150 cycles before it needs to be charged again. With this capacity, you can get a whole lot done without having to break much of a sweat.

Safely and securely move moderately heavy loads onto shelves with your electric stacker lift. This item is a must-have for your workplace.

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