Customize Wine Glasses for Your Wedding

You want every detail of your wedding to be perfect, from the flowers to the food and everything in between. But have you thought about the glasses? You can get customized wedding wine glasses to add a final unique touch to your wedding and make it absolutely perfect.

Match Your Theme

Wine glasses are beautiful and elegant. A wine glass sitting next to the edge of every plate is a small but incredibly fancy touch that can help tie together every other wonderful detail of your reception. Custom wine glasses help really make things look even more uniform. They’ll have a touch of your style and personality in them, just like every other detail of the wedding.

Add Text

You can add text to the side of the glasses in a myriad of beautiful colors that will match any color scheme. Save the date on the glasses themselves, or put your names on them. You can even add a small picture for an extra touch of uniqueness. Any detail you add is sure to make the occasion even the smallest bit better.

Stemmed or Stemless

Of course, there’s also the type of wine glass to consider. Traditional stemmed glasses look more elegant but are prone to breaking since their stems are so fragile. Stemless wine glasses are more contemporary and don’t have a fancy little breakable stem. But, they do look a bit less elegant. You have to weigh the importance of how the glasses look to how easy they are to break and decide which type of wine glass you want.

Add a Treat

The glasses don’t have to just be for wine. You can get creative and put a little treat for your guests in the glasses. What’s better than a wine glass ready to be filled? A wine glass filled with a little baggie of chocolate candies. You can even pair the candies with whatever kind of wine you’re serving to give guests a perfect treat at the reception.

Everyone wants their wedding to be flawless. This means thinking about every single detail of the evening, down to something as small as the wine glasses being used. The tiniest custom touches can take a wedding to a whole new level of uniqueness. To achieve this, you may want to consider getting custom wedding wine glasses. Instead of plain but beautiful glasses, you can have gorgeous glasses that match your color scheme and display your names for all to see.

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