Choosing the Right Necklace Chain

If you’re thinking about getting an alexandrite pendant for yourself or that special someone, it’s important to select the perfect chain.

Neck Length

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, the first thing to consider is the length of the wearer’s neck. The type of chain and the length can create a slimming look depending on the length and width of the neck. For example, a choker-style necklace creates a dramatic look a long, thin neck, commonly referred to as the proverbial “swan neck” in the fashion industry. The same necklace on a short or wide neck can draw unwanted attention, making the wearer appear shorter. A matinee style chain between 20-24 inches in length will create a more slimming look, drawing the eye down the length of your frame. If you do have a wider neck, consider adding an inch or two to the length of an average princess or 18-inch chain, especially if you want your pendant to sit along your collarbone. Although fashionable, shorter women have a hard time pulling off long, chunky necklaces, so opt for an extended princess or matinee length chain with a modest pendant if you have a larger bust.

Face Shape

Much like your neck size, the shape of your face also plays an important role when selecting the right necklace. The four most common face shapes are oval, round, heart, and square. For the most part, people with oval faces can wear just about any type of chain. The shape of their face paired with a long opera length necklace (28-36 inches) creates a slimming effect. For people with a heart-shaped face, an elegant choker with a pendant will help soften the appearance of a pointed chin or pronounced cheekbones.


Consider your clothing style as well when selecting a chain for your pendant. Will you be wearing this necklace on a regular basis or just on special occasions? Are you trying to match it to a particular outfit or reflect your overall personal style? Long chains usually go great with solid color shirts or dresses while short chains go well with scoop-neck or one-shoulder tops. As a rule of thumb, never pair a choker with a turtleneck or high-collared shirt as this will make you appear bloated. Instead, opt for a long chain of pearls that draws attention away from the face.

An alexandrite pendant makes a wonderful gift for any occasion especially when paired with a complementary choker or chain-link necklace.

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