Celebrating Your Fashion

When it comes to fashion, we often think of super models wearing retro futuristic outfits walking down the runway surrounded by the flashing lights of cameras and strobes to the sounds of techno or some variation of electronic dance music, and we often think “that’s just noe for me.” The good news is that fashion is a whole lot more than that. What we envision is called “high” fashion, and it is aimed at setting trends moving forward, so, by definition, it’s not going to be able to fit into society as things stand. However, fashion, much like philosophy, is something we all deal with whether we know it or not. Many of us, however, know this fact and embrace it. For those people, fashion is a way of life, and they would do anything to craft a great look that they can wear anytime. For those of us this describes, we often find ourselves with a lack of ways to celebrate our love of fashion. Here are some suggestions to commemorate your favorite outfits.

First and foremost, there’s photography. Photography and fashion go hand in hand. They are both celebrations of the visual, for starters, but photos need models, and models bring fashion to the table. Even if by happy little accident, fashion and photography are inexorably entwined. So, if you know any photographers, amateur or otherwise, or you have the funds to hire one, you’d do well to have a photoshoot showing off some of your best outfits. If you take this route, consider how best to pair your outfit with various surroundings, and your photog can even help you find the best combinations. For example, a floral dress might go well with real, live flowers, or that could be too much. You might instead conclude that contrasting that floral print with an urban environment works best.

Either way, how to display these photos is another matter entirely. For starters, you’ll want to post your pics on social media, of course. However, you can take it a step farther. One way to do this is by having some prints made via Vistaprint to display around your home, or you could present them as gifts to friends and family who are into your style. You could also do standard photo prints to be displayed in a fashion photo album. You could even go the kitschy route and have your photos emblazoned on some personalized swag from the likes of Personalization Mall. The sky’s the limit.

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