The Benefits of Commercial Bed Bug Heater Treatments

St. Louis commercial locationsdealing with bed bug infestations may find non-chemical bed bug heaters to be a beneficial and nontoxic treatment solution. Contrary to their seemingly specific name, bed bugs may exist and flourish far beyond bedroom confines. These parasitic insects receive nourishment from animal or human blood, and are adept at navigating their way into all sorts of nooks, crannies and cracks. While they can prove a nuisance within homes, they can be particularly bothersome and hazardous within settings such as hospitals, office buildings, dormitories, hotels, nursing facilities, daycares and schools, where they can reproduce with staggering speed. Addingprofessional grade bed bug heaters to routine maintenance schedules can help to mitigate issues.

Signs of an Infestation

These insectsusually leave telltale signs of their presence that may include an oddly strong musty or sweet odor, tiny brown, black or red fecal stains littering walls, mattresses or upholstery, empty eggshells, sticky eggs and shed shells, skins and exoskeletons. Individuals occupying compromised areas may also find that their arms, legs, hands, necks, shoulders and other exposed body parts becomecovered with inflamed, itchy red bites. Though such bites are not known to spread disease and are typically painless when inflicted, the ensuingitchiness can be bothersome, and may causeinfection in some cases.

Heaters for Bed Bugs in St. Louis

Because theyusually stay within easy range of their feeding zones and can squeeze their flexible, flat bodies into tight spaces, swarms may be found in carpet edges, inner dresser corners, wall cracks, night stands and curtains in addition to more commonbox springs, mattresses and bed frames. Professionally licensed pest control companies can equip commercial dwellings with heaters and equipment that successfully treat areas ranging from one room to an entire building. They can train staff to properly use these bed bug heaters, whichemploy chemical-free equipment specifically designed to raise temperatures to heights that will kill bugs and their eggs. Proceduretime can vary depending on the location and equipment selected.Follow-up steps such as interceptor traps and mattress casements can be installed to safeguard against recurrences, and regular monitoring can be valuable, as well.

Technology That Gets Results

Customized heat treatment options can offerlong-lasting,effective and economical eradication opportunities for business owners. By investing in state-of-the-art equipment at competitive prices, processes can be integrated into regular maintenance routinesand results can often be seen after only a few uses. Take control, manage and prevent future infestations that could interrupt business flow with quality bed bug heaters.

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