Basics Of Designing A Perfect Wedding Guest Book For Your Big Day

Wedding day is always supposed to be a memorable affair, because it does not include only two people who are going to spend their lives together forever, but also includes people who are closest to the groom and bride, and have come to witness the ceremony and bless the couple.

There are so many things which hold a great relevance in a marriage, but memories of your special day are something you can cherish forever. Wedding guest books are one such memorable thing which is so dear to couples who plan to get hitched and those who are already married.

Wedding guest book is something looking at which you can revisit to that wonderful day when you both officially got taken in the most sacred way. Reading those heartfelt messages written by your friends and family can always make you feel special and that’s why your wedding guest book needs to be very special and unique.

Design Your Own Guest Book

Unlike using the traditional guest book, you can opt to personalize your wedding guest book by putting some creativity into it. You can use fabric and color of your own choice and can also use glitter pens, colored pencils, colored ribbons, etc. to make your book look unique and more personalized.

One can also opt to use different materials other than paper to get the wishes incorporated. It can be wide colorful ribbons as well as wine bottles where people can pen down their blessings and sentiments for the couple.

Make It Some More Interesting

A wedding guest book can be made very interesting if it contains fun questions for the guests. These 2-3 questions would be related to the bride and the groom and people can write funny answers for them.

Small yet beautiful message cards from each guest can be a good idea as well because a collection of them can be used to make a big memorable album which you can cherish for lifelong.

Signing For the Special Occasion

Signing the guest book is kind of joy for people attending your wedding because it will keep a record that they were a part of your big day and that they are truly happy with it. For large weddings, it is necessary to have proper arrangements to get the signs of people present in your wedding.

There should be people appointed, who can make sure that they have made the guest book travel from every table and has taken the signs.

Decorate Your New Home with the Sign-Board

It is a great idea to paste a collage of your wedding and engagement pictures on a huge mat and leave the below space for the signs of your friends and family. Encouraging your friends and relatives to sign it before leaving can make you all create a joyous memory forever.

You can use this piece of wonder to decorate the wall of your new home which can surely make you very happy.

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