5 Considerations for Choosing a Web Host

There are plenty of companies offering to host your web page. Website pricing between providers is often quite similar. Here are five factors you should consider to help you get the most for your money.


While shopping for website hosting plans, it isn’t always clear where the servers are physically located. U.S. businesses should always install their internet applications and pages close to where their customers are, and that usually means in a domestic data center. Some hosts distribute their servers throughout several metropolitan areas, allowing network traffic to flow easily through various routes.


In line with the importance of choosing the right location comes evaluating a company’s uptime. How many requests to view your website are likely to be fulfilled versus how many may fail? What kind of redundancy plan does the host have? These types of questions are often addressed on the host’s website. If you’re having a hard time finding or understanding technical information, get in touch with someone who works there.

Customer Service

Speaking of communicating with the host, it’s a good idea to learn about their service and support options. What hours do they take requests? Is there a toll-free phone number to call? Are wait times generally long? Does the company provide email and chat support? What would other customers have to say about their experiences with the corporation’s frontline representatives? Any business with a comprehensive knowledge base is also likely to please you as a customer.


Website pricing should be manageable and reasonable for the service being offered. Starter plans often provide very good value, and can be upgraded when you need more storage space or bandwidth. Remember that your internet presence is part of your overall promotion strategy. Having a place for customers to go online is as essential as business cards or a logo.

Content Management

Have you mastered HTML and other internet protocols? Even if you have, content management systems make publishing to the web easier, faster and cleaner. What kind of options are provided within the website pricing package you’re interested in? Can you publish from a mobile device? Are you able to set up additional authors and editors? These may seem like small things but they make a big difference as your business grows.

You’ll probably look at web hosts much differently after reading this article. And really, that’s a good thing. By being selective, you’re more likely to choose wisely and be satisfied with the service you receive.

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