4 Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Not many homeowners think about cleaning their drains, but they should! Plumbing companies in San Francisco are called in all too often to take care of serious plumbing issues that could have been prevented with regular cleanings. Because your sewer lines are hidden, it’s easy to forget about them. However, it’s not so easy to recognize when and if there is a problem. This is why it is so important to have a knowledgeable plumber come out and inspect your drain lines every so often, as they know what signs to look for to prevent a potential plumbing disaster.

Here are four big reasons that you should have your drains regularly cleaned and inspected:

Eliminate Smells

Sewers smell, there is no escaping that fact. However, that smell should stay where it belongs—in the sewer. Homes with backed up pipes or a blockage somewhere along the drain lines start to smell like a sewer. If you notice that your water smells funky when it comes out of the faucet or that whenever you flush the toilet the smell seems to linger, it may be time to reach out to the residential plumbing companies in San Francisco, California for help.

Create a Healthy Environment

When there are smells in the air, there are also particles. Not only can sewage smells be uninviting, but they are also a hazard to your health. A professional residential plumber can clear your drains and make sure that any hazardous particles don’t make their way into your living environment.

Reduce Blockages

The goal of professional residential plumbers in San Francisco is to reduce blockages before they become a problem. With regular drain cleanings, you will never have to deal with the smell of sewage in the air and potential health concerns, and you will never have to experience the havoc sewage lines can wreak when they become clogged. For instance, a blocked line can cause your toilets to overflow when flushed, or your water pressure to go from zero to sixty and back again in a matter of seconds. Regular cleanings can reduce blockages before they become a problem.

Reduce Expenses

Once sewer lines are backed up, they become an expensive problem. Not only will it cost you more to clean out blocked lines but also, the damage blockages can cause can be bank-breaking. If your toilets overflow, it could cause water damage or worse, make your home unlivable until a cleaning crew comes in and sanitizes it. Regular cleanings can reduce your expenses by eliminating problems before they arise.

To keep your lines clear and problems at bay, schedule yearly drain cleanings with one of the professional plumbing companies in San Francisco.

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