A Guide for Wall Light Buyers – Know How to Choose Perfect Lights


Walls lights provide illumination to the room, serve as a decoration, accent artwork, and architectural feature, and add lighting for the task. You can use wall lights when the floor in your house doesn’t have enough space to fix floor lamp or when ceilings are low.

Having few wall lights is a must for any home because they are the best lighting solution when other options don’t work. Also, they are available in different styles in the market.

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Advantages of wall lights

They not only serve as a decorative item but also they provide many functions such as helps to read, provides general safety, and so on. Also, they are essential elements of layered lighting that adds utility and beauty to your home with its unique design.

You can use wall lights in all rooms and even at outdoor space. The following are few tips that help you in choosing the right wall lights for your house.

Select the model based on its role

Choose the type or model of wall light depending on its role that is based on the lighting requirement. The general lighting options are task, accent, and ambience. The most popular model of wall lights suitable for almost all type of functions is wall scones.

Wall scones

Down light sconce is ideal for ambience and task lighting whereas, up light makes your room look more spacious and larger. If the up light sconce is placed lower, then the illumination will be greater. Similarly, if the down light sconce is placed higher, then the floor area will be illuminated. Choose the right point to fix the wall light depending on your necessity.

Vanity and bath lights

They are designed for glare-free lighting. Vanity lights in bathrooms are the key element of illumination layering. Flanking the mirror helps to evict darkness from the face. Also, it leans to emit lighting.


Even though, lanterns are oldest form they are considered as the evergreen wall lights style. They are ideal for outdoor spaces such as balcony, gallery, or veranda as they look classic and illuminates all around evenly. Also, they act as work lights when they are installed at right heights.

In addition to the above, there are many other styles like picture lights, swing arm lights, and more.  Depending on the area and dimension choose the required number and size of wall lamps. For larger rooms like foyers, hallways, etc one wall light is not sufficient. Also, place the lights at height that does not blind you with glare.

A wall light is a valuable adding to brighten each corner and to include ambience in a room. Choose the best vendor that offer good services and order your favorite style wall lights for safety and to brighten your house.

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