Why Colourbond Roofs Are Always A Preferred Option?

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Nowadays, you will find that more and more people prefer to choose Colourbond roofing, which is the most popular option while building homes. Irrespective of whether they are more affordable homes or upmarket homes, people prefer this option.

Earlier, people used to go for tiles along with corrugated iron, but once Colourbond has arrived in the market with its large range of colours and also ease of transporting them, builders began to find many other benefits of using such material for their construction.

  • Speedy to install

Colourbond roofing can be installed relatively with much speed because of the size of these sheets. Therefore, for the purpose of roof repairs Sydney, this kind of roofing will be preferred.

You can surely save your project cost because it can save on your installation time.

  • Suit for every style of home

Due to having number of colour option available with this bond, you can easily match with the décor of your home of any style or design. Earlier, we had only a single option of using a simple silver colour, which often did not suit with brick wall.

  • Design flexibility

Availability of wider colour choice with Colourbond, building designers can be more creative to create a unique facade. Colourbond range can be available in many different profiles to match both your look and design needs of your home. You also need not spend for painting.

  • Resilience

Today Colourbond is considered as the toughest and also most advanced kind of building materials. People have tried it for more than 50 years in few harshest environments in the Australia. Also, it is termite resistant and long lasting.

  • Water collection

For rainwater storage tanks, they are able to collect more water. In case, you need natural collection of water, meant for your garden, home or animals etc. having Colourbond roof will be better than any concrete tile due to their absorbency level.

  • Weight

Colourbond roof can be often 1/10th times lighter than tiles of concrete or terracotta and to support the roof frame, you do not need so complex tiles. Thus, you can reduce your cost of installation. Additionally, Colourbond roofs will not absorb any water and hence you need not worry about roof weight fluctuations.

  • Fire resistant

You must surely choose Colourbond over the tiles, if you are living in areas which are bushfire prone. It is non-combustible and easier to seal with corrugated metal sheets.

  • Environmentally friendly

This kind of metal roofing can be 100% recycled, and it is not only much efficient for transporting, but also contributes lesser on-site wastage, and thus reducing various environmental impacts of building sites.

  • Energy efficient

The cost of tiles can be cheaper but the final cost actually will depend on whether any extra insulation is needed, possibly painting, installation costs, and also the future maintenance requirement.

Colourbond roofs can harness reflective powers and hence bounce back the penetrating heating and cooling of the house and allow your ACs to do their job, without adding any further pressure from the above.

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