Important Things To Consider When Planning For Transfer To Rice University


It is a tough decision to determine the right type of academic program that matches best to your objectives. It needs meticulous consideration of the various areas that includes program type, language requirements, academics, cultural factors, and finances.

We have compiled a set of questions to help you form the right decision.


You need to answer a few sets of questions to form the right selection of the university. Here are some of the important questions:

To define your goals:

  • What are your aspirations to gain from the entire experience?
  • What amount of time you have to spend a summer, full academic year, or a semester?
  • What are the key weaknesses, and strengths for the program you wish to pursue?
  • Do you need any additional preparation before you go?

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  • What are the key academic objectives to study abroad?
  • Do you wish to fulfill any minor/major/distribution needs or discover an entirely different region of study?
  • How much time can you spend abroad to accomplish your academic objectives and academic plan i.e., a summer, semester or an entire academic year?
  • How are you going to incorporate the studies abroad into the existing academic plan at Rice University? 
Is this program allied with an overseas university?
  • Do you wish to enroll yourself directly at an overseas university, and take academic sessions with host-country students, or attend a program that is designed for American, and other international students abroad?
  • Do you wish to carry out research while you stay in abroad?

Language Selection

  • What language goals, and skills do you possess that will aid you in studying abroad?
  • Is there any language prerequisite for your selected course?
  • In what language will the instructions be given?


  • Do you have any cost considerations?
  • What is the cost of your selected academic program?
  • Is my chosen university affordable?
  • For how many years can you afford to study abroad?
  • What are the costs of housing, food, and travel?
  • Does the college provide any scholarships, financial aid, etc. and how will it be applied to study abroad?
  • Do the fees include the orientation program, excursions, and activities?
  • What other expenses can occur in terms of tuition, board, room, and airfare?

Other Questions

  • Do you fulfill the academic eligibility criteria prescribed by abroad universities and the admission criteria for the chosen study abroad program?
  • Do you wish to include training in your study experience?
  • Have you got any special needs like a learning or physical disability, dietary restriction, medical condition, mental health condition, etc. that would require specialized resources, or accommodation while abroad?


The selection of the academic program holds a lot of importance in forming the career of a student. It can make or break the career of a student. So, take time out and do extensive preparation to make an informed decision.

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