Different Requirements for Entering into Johns Hopkins


Johns Hopkins University is considered as the best college in the country and it is one of the first research institutes of America.

There are 260 different educational programs available in the university and have the best pre-med programs. Also, its applied physics laboratory is considered to be the best labs in the country.

This university is located in Baltimore in Maryland and was founded in the year 1876. It has been ranked as the 10th national university of America and therefore they are very choosy while offering admission to their colleges.

So, in this article check this list of things that you must consider, if you intend to get into John Hopkins University.

Quick overview at the admission statistics

Following are few important data as regards to getting admission to this university that you must keep in mind while applying for your admission.

  • Average SAT scores needed for Johns Hopkins is 1520 out of 1600
  • Average ACT scores required for Johns Hopkins is 34 out of 36
  • Average GPA of 3.9 is needed for Johns Hopkins out of 4.0
  • Acceptance rate in Johns Hopkins is 9.2% in the previous year. Historically it was about 10 to 13%

The above data shows that it is not that easy to get admission into Johns Hopkins, however at the same time it is not impossible either!

Let us know little more about SAT, ACT and GPA scores.

1.SAT scores

While submitting your SAT score following are few things to keep in mind:

  • You may submit either SAT/ACT scores but can also submit both if you like
  • You may take SAT as many numbers of times as you like
  • John Hopkins will consider your highest scores among all
  • Essay portion of SAT is optional
  • Subjects chosen for SAT is optional but if you are applying for certain major subject then you must choose the related subjects for SAT. For example, if you take Engineering as a major then you must choose Mathematics.

In order to increase you chance to get admission, you must target 1580 SAT score.

2.ACT scores

While submitting your ACT scores in John Hopkins, you must remember the following:

  • Writing test will be optional
  • Only your highest score will be taken into account and therefore you can appear for ACT number of times and try to improve upon your score.

Therefore, you must try to make a target to score minimum of 34 so that you can increase your chance to get admission.

Even if you get 33, you can be listed among poor candidate and hence by obtaining 35 or more will increase your chance.


Your average score of high school GPA must be 3.9 and hence you need to make effort to be in the top rank in the class. That means you must try to obtain maximum “A” grade on almost all subjects.

It will be good idea to join a number of advanced courses as it will be very difficult to make any changes in your GPA after you have reached junior years of the college.

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