An Informative Guide to Learn About Pool Resurfacing

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The pools start showing the signs of aging, once they become old. It can be seen in the form of cracks, blisters and discoloration on it. This ruins the appearance of the pool and the purpose for which it is made. Resurfacing solves these problems and you get one that does not have any faults in it.

The resurfacing work can be done by you if you have enough knowledge about resurfacing work. However, to get the best results you can hire the services of professionals, who have experience in this area.

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Familiarization with The Concept of Resurfacing

In simple terms, it means that resurfacing changes the appearance of your pool. Various faults like cracks, blisters, etc. which it has developed are corrected and your pool gets a new and refined touch.

Constitution of A Pool

The shell in the pool is made up of concrete material. It is around 10 inches in thickness, is covered with gunite. On top of it is the finish. You can use different materials for the finish. It determines the longevity and quality of the pool. When you resurface the pool, the only finish is replaced, the shells remain unchanged.

Materials Used for Pool Finish

Pool Plaster

It is the common material used for the pool finish. It is made by mixing the cement with marble sand or it can be limestone also. This gives the pool durability. This is cheaper and has a life of seven years. After this, you need to replace it.

Pebble Finish

It is made by adding the pebbles to the sand and cement mix. Due to this reason, its life is expected to last for twelve years. It is less prone to stains as compared to the plain plaster one. The cost is on the higher sides because pebbles are added. Even the use of the pebbles gives it a rough finish. You can only spot the difference, if you’ve had used the plain plaster finish in the past.

Quartz Finish

Quartz stones are added to the mix instead of the pebbles. Your pool gets a colorful touch due to quartz finish. This finish imparts it a good look. The pool’s life is extended up to 15 years.


Only the fiberglass pools can be resurfaced with this material. The normal concrete pools are not a good choice for this type of finish. These get damaged easily due to its extensive use.


So, it’s possible to change the appearance of your pool by resurfacing it. Although it is a rewarding experience when you perform the task of resurfacing by yourself, it is advisable to hire the services of a professional to perform this task and to avoid any kind of mistakes. In this way, you can change its look and make it more refined.

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