Let the World Witness Your Fun Side on Halloween Night


The best part about Halloween is choosing your outfit for the occasion. Halloween which was once held as a one-day festival exclusively for kids is now celebrated as a multi-day festival by a large percentage of adults. Nostalgia is a feeling wherein we have a simultaneous love-and-hate relationship with and Halloween literally screams nostalgia and that is one of the reasons why many adults love it.

Reasons to show up to a Halloween party wearing a quirky costume:

  • For sheer enjoyment – Why should kids have all the fun? Just because we are adults now, doesn’t mean we are any less fun. If it is something you would personally enjoy, why not try it?
  • Showing off creativity – Visualizing a costume in mind and putting it together is a fun experience. It lets you flaunt your creative and cheeky side.
  • The experience of trying a new identity – It also does feel good to see what it is like to steal the identity of some other character for a while. Some of us like to feel special and powerful and that is probably why superhero costumes are a popular choice.
  • Fun activity with kids – Parents enjoy watching their kids dressing up. Wouldn’t it be more fun joining your kids on that day?
  • Spending time with friends – It’s a great time to meet your friends and spend time with them without your office issues creeping in and relive your childhood days.
  • A day to celebrate – Halloween is about festivity and celebration. It a refreshing change from the everyday work routine. It is also a reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

The way Halloween has been celebrated has changed over the years. For adults and young adults, it is about bar hopping and parties. Channel the inner child in you, doll up in a flashy outfit and party hard at one these party venues which host Miami Halloween parties. Stay tuned to know about their events for this upcoming Halloween.

E11EVEN: They conduct some of the city’s best events all around the year. Situated just minutes away from South Beach, it is an ideal spot for corporate and private parties too. Their five-star hospitality, choreographed go-go dancers and aerialists make it a most sought-after venue.

Baoli: This partying paradise with lip-smacking food is situated on Collins Avenue. Their state of art sound system coupled with the best DJs set the dance floor on fire.

Veuve Clicquot: Every year Veuve Cliquot hosts Halloween party at Zuma. They have a Japanese theme setting with live percussion performances, go-go dancers and a Japanese robot.

FAENA: The hotel offers unique experiences and rich entertainment. During Halloween, their living room is transformed into an eerie space for the celebration. Join the madness and rock the dance floor.

After all, isn’t life too short to be spent being serious all the time? Set aside your worries make a reservation in advance for the upcoming Halloween night and have a blast spending Halloween at Miami’s iconic spots.

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