Major Reasons for The Malfunctioning of Your Roller Coaster Ride


There are numerous times when the malfunctioning of the roller coaster ride results in casualties of several people. This brings down the image of the theme park in public and eventually leads to losses in business. However, if you take precaution beforehand and are aware of the common reasons for the malfunctioning of these rides, you can take precautionary steps in advance and prevent this danger.

Some of the common reasons for malfunctioning of these rides are:


There are instances when the ride stops in the middle of it due to high wind, rain or even cold. Outdoor rides are mostly affected by the weather phenomenon. There are computer systems which can tell you if the ride is going too slow and hence, precautions must be taken in advance. You must check the weather forecast for the day and take a call accordingly. You can even consider hiring a roller coaster failure forensics that can help you in the task.


Mostly, the vertical rides which go high up in the air tend to rollback as it goes against gravitation. It happens if the speed of the roller coaster is too slow and it is not able to climb up the coaster. It has to go 400 feet above and for that the moment of inertia must be with the coaster so that it can go the desired distance.

Power outage

A power outage might occur due to storms, an electrician working on the electricity pole nearby, or due to fuse blowing up in the region. A ride works on electricity and a power outage in any part would lead to the ride being stuck in the middle of it.

It is not a condition to worry about though because the ride can be rested for a bit and till the time there is a power source to help you out, you need to stay calm.

Computer disagreement

Mostly all the rides these days work on the basis of computer systems. These computer systems monitor the entire ride through the sensors and the computer systems are in continuous contact with each other.

These computers are capable of figuring out any malfunction which the ride is going through and if the readings of the two computers mismatch, appropriate action is taken and the ride is stopped then and there.

There are some rides which even come with an onboard computer system to figure out if anything is wrong with the system during the ride. It is a much-advanced system to figure out the malfunctioning of the system and is a full proof method to ensure the safety of the people.   


Hence, it is necessary that you must be aware of these common reasons which lead to the malfunctioning or stopping of a ride in the middle of its working. You must consider all these causes which might lead to malfunctioning and make sure that you take proper precautions for them and assure the safety of the people in the ride.

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