Tips To Take Into Consideration While Dividing Property During Divorce


A divorce could turn out to be one of the most painful events in a person’s life. But, if it is inevitable and the situation demands it, then it must be done in a peaceful and an equitable way. There should be satisfaction on both sides and a calm proceeding must take place. Hence, you must make sure that the division of assets takes place in a proper and a just manner with satisfaction of both the parties involved.

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Community property

Community property includes all the property which the couple is entitled to during the marriage. It also includes every asset which is acquired during that time. Both the partners have their right over that property and it is to be distributed in an equal manner as both of them are entitled to it because it was acquired during the time of marriage.

Separate property

Separate property refers to that property which is acquired by a single partner. This includes the rewards earned, the gits received, pensions, etc. Only the partner who has actually received these assets has the right over them and these assets are not meant to be shared between the two.

If there is any property which has been purchased by the separate funds of a partner, the property too stays with the partner and is not meant to be shared between the two during the procedure of divorce.

Who gets the house?

This is one of the common doubts that people have while the divorce takes place. Who should get the house? Generally, the parent who is provided with the custody of the kids has the right to stay in the marital home even after the divorce takes place.

If there are no children in the marriage, the one who has the legal right over the house and owns it as a separate property stays in the house and can ask the other person to leave the house. If it comes under a community property then the thing gets a bit confusing and the decision of the court is final in such matters whereby, both the partners should abide by it.


Hence, you must be aware of the way in which the property is to be divided between the two partners during the divorce and what kind of property comes under which partner. There are different types of ownership to different properties and one has full right over them. The terms and conditions of the divorce should be made clear beforehand and then only the division process should proceed further.

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