Can You Treat Autism Disorder by Using CBD?


Over the last few years, a lot of discussion are going on among medical researchers about autism disorder which is also known as ASD because the vaccines which was used has been completely debunked for many years.

This kind of mental condition and also lots of misinformation surrounding this issue has really caused a very long-term damage not only to the medical fraternity but also parents of the child as well.

A part of the misinformation that has spread about the perception of the inflated prevalence and awareness on autism is due to the presence of internet nowadays.

However, the mystery still exists about autism as there is still no viable option available for its treatment which can really address the core symptoms about this problem. Children who are suffering from this issue are likely to face very difficult life in future.

Now medical researchers are trying to use pure spectrum CBD oil and trying to find its connection with autism as well as epilepsy which is also another challenging problem for the medical researchers.

What is ASD?

Ii is also called Autism Spectrum Disorder which includes number of neurodevelopmental conditions which can affect the social behaviors. Within the very first years after their birth, children are likely to display the signs of ASD.

Severity of ASD may differ from children to children however it was seen that most of the children are unable to make any kind of nonverbal communication e.g. making proper eye contact, facial expressions.

All these problems are due to delay in their cognitive development, aggression and hyperactivity. Some of the children may have severe impairment that needs extensive medical intervention.

Is ASD related to epilepsy?

People suffering from ASD are at a greater risk of getting epilepsy as well as seizure problems too. Also, people who are suffering from certain kinds of epilepsy can be more prone to develop ASD.

Though their interrelation is no too clear however the disruption that can create due to this problem in their early life will also continue at later part of their life too.

Cannabinoids for ASD

Recently, the US FDA has approved few cannabis-based medicines, that are meant for treating severe forms of epilepsy. CBD treatment was found to be effective and safe to reduce seizures among the children and hence researchers are trying to look into its effectiveness in the treatment of people with ASD too.

Various clinical trials and also studying the various effects of cannabinoids for autism are currently going on in NYC, London and Jerusalem. Few of all these studies are also exploring various effects of different type of cannabinoids on different ASD symptoms of children.

While one research is concentrating on the understanding about how CBD as well as CBDV can affect the function of brain in adults having ASD problem.

Initial results of trials made in Israel indicate number of beneficial CBD effects on behavioral problems, and also about anxiety and communication issues particularly with the children with who are at their tender age. Though results obtained so far are quite promising however time will tell how much CBD can support a person suffering from ASD.

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