What to Wear While Visiting A Strip Club?

Strip club

It will be really very frustrating experience if you visit one night to any strip club along with your friends and while entering into the club the security personnel stops you at the entry due to violation of proper dress code for such clubs.

So, here in this post, we are going to tell you about few laid down general purpose rules and also give examples of certain special dress codes at an adult entertainment near me.

Guidelines for general dress code to visit strip clubs

Generally, if you are looking presentable then you will be allowed to enter. That means if you are freshly showered and wearing semi-conservative outfits and looking to be having money to spend then no problem.

Following are few things you must avoid:

  • Torn or any ripped jeans
  • Tank tops
  • Sandals or wearing flip flops
  • Athletic shorts
  • Jerseys
  • Sweatpants
  • Anything that represents a club or gang

However, there are few clubs may allow golf shorts, cargo shorts, sandals or flip flops too. It will depend on the club. In order to be safe side, if you wear dress shoes, a nice pair of slacks and a decent shirt buttoned down then you are allowed.

Actually, it is good thing to appear well-dressed particularly at the club. Even dancers will pay more attention without demanding you to dance. If you appear like you just can’t afford it, then they will not even acknowledge your presence.

In case, you are interested to know the specific dress codes of certain club that you wish to attend then you can always consult that specific club whose dress codes are as follows:

Treasures Gentlemen’s Club dress code

  • No jerseys
  • No tank tops
  • No club or gang regalia
  • No sweatpants and basketball shorts

Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club dress code 

  • No jerseys
  • No sweatpants
  • No tank tops
  • No shoes with open toed
  • No flip-flops/sandals

Usually this club has most strict dress code in the town.

Dress code of Olympic Gardens Topless Gentlemen’s Club

  • No jerseys
  • No tank tops for guys
  • No sweatpants or shorts or athletic pants
  • No patches or colors

Dress code of Crazy Horse 3 Attire

Here in this club, dress codes are very strictly enforced.  Therefore, we recommend to wear fashionable attire.  You can wear dress shoes, button up shirt, soft dress pants or T-Shirt with sport coat with nice jeans. 

  • No shorts
  • No sandals
  • No flip flops
  • No jerseys or hats,
  • No ripped or baggy jeans.

Dress codes of Little Darlings

  • No t-shirts plain white
  • No visible chains
  • No team jerseys
  • No tank tops
  • No wave caps

Dress codes of Spearmint Rhino

  • No t-shirts plain white
  • No tank tops
  • No athletic shirts or shorts
  • Nice shorts or flip flops will be OK

By looking at above you will find that dress codes of most of these clubs are almost similar. In case you are in doubt then note that jeans with nice shoes and nice shirt will work everywhere.

However, if you are in doubt then you can give a call to the club to clarify.

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