Designer Jewelry – Getting the Right Ones for You


Designer jewelry exudes status, fashion and a personal statement. The pieces that you choose should not remain just a status symbol. It should blend well with the outfit you wear and the personality you carry.

Dream designer of yours

You might have fallen in love with the design philosophy of a particular designer. Those designs might be more attuned to your personality and your lifestyle. Also, it would be a jackpot for you, if the designer provides you with designs that could go well with every occasion in your life.

The designer might give you choices for a trendy wear for the vacations and picnics or ornate, jewel-toned baubles for cocktail parties or a sleek and stylish formal wear. To keep up-to-date with the forthcoming designs, join their newsletters and emails. Follow-up on their exhibition dates of their latest designs.  

Personality statement

Sometimes it need not be any particular designer, but a particular style statement that speaks through the design.  It could be your fancy for black jewelry. Uncut, raw, gemstones might be your passion. The classy jewelry with pearls and polished diamonds and other gemstones might what attracts you. Or delicate subtle jewelry might be closer to your persona.

These statement styles can come from more than one designer. Vintage exhibits, crafts fair or estate sales can help you keep at par about what’s up in the market to take. Jewelry Magazines can be a good source of information too.

Also keeping track of a handful of good designers and their works is worthwhile. For example, Ray Griffiths jewelry has his signature crownwork style, Sebastien Barier has a penchant for sophisticated platinum works and Kokichi Mikimoto works wonders with pearls. However, they all have certain pieces that exhibit a similar thread of style quotient that suits you. 

Mood changers

It is unlikely that you would be wearing a particular style of jewelry all the time. You would be in a mood to mix and match, style and temper of your jewelry. It could be a day out in the summer, where your colourful sparkly is sun-kissed. Or it could be a glitzy black-tie party where your statement chokers compliment the bubbly champagne around and the bright chandeliers above.

Consistent designers

The hidden rule in designer jewelry is that it should be worth its purchase. So, it’s recommended that the pieces are from those designers, who are consistent with their work and brand name. Certain designers fade away after their initial seasons and their pieces are not much valuable.

Tiffany & Co., Rolex, Cartier are few of the established jewellers, who has a consistent customer base. Such designers create a unique identity for each customer. So, what you choose to wear from these designers, defines your persona. It’s a top-class identity that gets etched through your designer pieces.


Designer jewelry that you choose should not clash or overwhelm your wardrobe. What you wear is a walking statement of who you are.  Careful and aesthetic choices can provide you a red carpet, wherever you go.

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