Things to Know About Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment Prior Plunging


Orthodontic treatment has developed a lot and today the years of external headgears and unsightly metal bands are vanishing. Contemporary teeth straightening technique is designed, which is practical and inconspicuous. It helps patients to confidently live their social life. Teeth straightening offers patients a confident smile. In addition, the treatment also enhances bite, helps dental hygiene, and reduces tooth wear.

Metal braces are traditional and effective teeth straightening method applied but an alternative includes clear aligners, clear ceramic braces and Lingual braces. Any kind of braces you consider but make sure to choose a trained and experienced orthodontist. You gain confidence being aware that you are in good hands.

Braces make use of metal wires & brackets to straighten your teeth but when you opt for invisalign treatment there is a series of tailored aligners designed from clear plastic to move the crooked teeth. These clear aligners are less visible than braces. People are happy with the outcome but there are some things they feel they should have known prior they indulged in this treatment.

Not be undetectable as expected.

Enamel colored ridges or attachments, which stick to teeth like brackets get included. These attachments are clicked in the aligner, so moving of teeth becomes easy. Without aligners the bumps of attachments are invisible but as soon as aligners are in, it looks you put on clear braces. Even if in the start the orthodontist told that you will have just 2 attachments but it can end up having more than 15.

Wear it for 22 hours

Aligners does not mean you can leave them at home and go to a dinner or party. You are allowed to remove them only when you eat, so while travelling don’t forget to pack your aligner case with the toothbrush.

It can be painful

As you have to keep it on for 22 hours, teeth can get sore. Super tight aligners are hard to remove with sore teeth. Imagine removing them three times a day to eat snack and meals then brushing the sore teeth. People sometimes just avoid eating and choose a smoothie or yogurt for breakfast. They can even lose weight.

Say NO to manicures

Without nails, aligners are impossible to remove. You need to be fine with chipped nails and think twice before nail painting them.

Say Goodbye to lipstick

Lipstick or lip-gloss stick to aligners and attachments easily, so colored lip gloss as well as lipsticks can turn to be things of past. Clear lip gloss is also not fine because waxy residues is left on the aligners. You can apply eye makeup, so as to draw everyone’s attention away from mouth.

Kissing is uncomfortable

The huge plastic tray around the mouth is certainly a mojo extinguisher but with a cool and understanding partner you can spend enjoyable romantic time.

Brush teeth multiple times

Even if you have to brush teeth six times it feels dozens. Food particles and plaque buildup can get in way how the teeth move, which can cause cavities and stinky breath. Therefore, it is wise to brush teeth after you eat anything.

Attachments stain easily

If you are in the habit of drinking coffee or tea and ignore brushing habit then you will certainly end up staining attachments [teeth look like there are corn kernel bits stuck all across]. So, after each cup of tea or coffee brush teeth instantly.

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