Six Reasons Why You Must Prefer to Let an Investor Buy Your House


Whenever you decide to sell your house, then the first thing you will probably do is to visit a realtor who may help you to put your house in the market. However, by following this route, you have to wait for much longer time and it will end up more expensive.

Fortunately, this is not the only option available to you. You may also consider selling your house to any home investor as many of them often advertise – we buy Orlando houses.

Selling home to an investor may be little unfamiliar option however, it is certainly worth considering, especially in case where you have to sell quickly.

Following are few advantages of selling your house to any investor.

  1. Speed

Selling a house through a realtor can always be a time-consuming process. If any prospective buyer comes then he may take his time in negotiating and making a decision.

Also, if he finally decides to buy then he will also need to qualify for financing. In case his application is rejected then you have to again wait for the next buyer and go through the same process again.

Investors on the other hand will decide and pay you immediately

2. No need of spending any more money for your house

No buyer will be ready to buy if your house is not in tip-top condition. You may need to do coloring, renovating the kitchen or replace flooring to make it sale worthy.

However, any investor will not need any such thing. He will be ready to buy it and offer you price based on its condition.

3. No commission fees

No real estate agent will work for you free. As you list your house with an agent, either you need to pay flat fee or in the form of commission which will be based on the percentage of your selling price.

Usually it can be as high as 6%. However, there will be no commission required while dealing with any investor.

4. Ability to avoid any foreclosure

In case your mortgage payments are not up-to-date and also your lender is giving you notice of foreclosing on your property then you may be in trouble.

Your loan modification may also not be approved and also by the time any of your lender takes this decision, possibly you are even further behind in your mortgage and that may even increase the risk of foreclosure further.

5. Dispose of your inherited property quickly

In case you have your own home and inherited any house from your parents, then you may need to sell it immediately and convert it into equity. If that house remains unoccupied, then it is difficult to insure, which is vulnerable to vandalism, theft or damage because of no maintenance.

This, will depreciate the value and will be more difficult for selling.

6. Need not clean the house

Traditional buyers will always prefer a home to be perfectly clean when they will move in, which means you will have to spend hours or may be for few days in polishing, cleaning and scrubbing the house where you will even not live too.

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