Five Critical Questions That You Must Ask Your Marriage Counselor


Before you begin your process of marriage counseling, you must be having lots of questions in your mind. You may also wonder whether the therapist will really be able to save your marriage.

Many of you may also wonder what is going to happen during each session. Also, you may even think that perhaps divorce would have been a better option rather than going through all these.

With many questions rattling in your mind, it may be difficult to narrow down the list of questions that you will prefer to ask your counselor.

Therefore, before you decide to hire a therapist, you must put together all the questions that crosses your mind and then read following guidelines which can bring you in proper frame of mind to ask right and relevant questions.

  1. Whether my insurance is acceptable or ready for services on sliding scale?

The cost involved for various therapies for marriage counseling can be quite expensive and therefore if you want to offset your expenses then you must take help of your insurance cover.

Therefore, before you start your session on marriage counseling in Denver    with the counselor, it will be a good idea to ask whether your insurance is acceptable to him. In case there is any hitch from your insurance company then you can ask your counselor whether it is acceptable for him to provide services on sliding scale.

  1. Did you counsel any other couple with similar issues like us?

It will be nice to know if the counselor whom you have short listed has already handled any similar case like you before and what was the result.

For example, if any of your partners has drug/alcohol addiction issue due to which your marriage is on rocks, then it will be good to know whether the counselor had handled such case before.

In case his answer is in affirmative then you can discuss in detail about that case and get feedback from that client too.

  1. What kind of therapy will you use?

Usually, for such marriage counseling process number of different therapies is provided and which therapy will be the best for you will depend upon the type of personality that you have.

Though the counselor will decide about the same after conducting few sessions with you however if you know in advance, then you can also mentally keep yourself prepared before undergoing the therapy.

  1. What type of professional mental health service you provide?

There can be many different kinds of mental health services available for such cases and the professionals are also trained for that. Therefore, it is important for you to ask that what kind of training/experience he has got.

Most of the licensed marriage counselors are usually mental health professional too. Many of them have doctorate degree on these subjects. Usually, this kind of therapist will also be little expensive as compared to any general marriage counselor.

  1. What is the expectation from your therapy?

You should not go for any marriage counseling blindly and it is better to know what you will be going through during the process. You must specifically ask the counselor, by looking at your case what he can change so that your marriage relation is back on track.

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