Things One Should Know About Aquarium Filtration


You need to take better care of your Aquarium so that your fish can survive for many days. If water in the aquarium is unhealthy then it becomes difficult for them to survive. Make sure that the aquarium water is filtered at regular intervals so that the fish gets rich nutrients and proper oxygen from water. There are different types of aquarium filtration techniques that can help you to change the water from aquarium and add the filtered water to make it healthy for the fish.

There are different types of aquarium filters available in the market. You can buy one online too. You can select the filter according to your choice and buy one of them. You can consult Fish Tank Focusfor filtration of the aquarium. Before buying the aquarium filter you can read the reviews on the website and also read about various aquarium filters. This post will help you to know about the aquarium filters. There are different water filters depending upon the size of the aquarium and the techniques of removing the impurities from the water.

Types of Aquarium Filtration

  • The first filtration technique is the mechanical filtration. In this process the filter removes impurities from the fish tank. All the particles are being removed from the water and there is a sponge. On every use you have to use a clean sponge so that water is clean and healthy for fishes.
  • Another filtration technique is biological filtration. In biological filtration you need to remove the biological waste from water. Biological wastes refer to the leftover food and plants in the tank. It can be risky if these biological wastes are not removed from water.
  • Another type of filtration technique is the chemical filtration. Using these techniques, the biological wastes can be removed from the fish tank using chemicals.

Types of Water Filters

  • The very first type of fish tank filter is the external fish tank filter. As the name suggests the fish tank filter is kept outside the tank to filter the water. If your aquarium tank is larger in size then external filter will stand best for you. External water filters have very large capacity to filter the water. You can definitely filter more water from the big fish tank. Another feature of this filter is that they are easy to clean.
  • Another filter we will discuss is the internal fish tank filter. One can easily understand that this filter stands inside the fish tank and cleans the water. The main feature of this water filter is that the filter is submerged inside the tank. This filter will have a sponge and the dirt will be collected in it. Once all the dirt is collected, you can remove the sponge and for the next use you can clean the sponge or replace.
  • Another type of fish tank filter is clip on aquarium filter and in this it will be clipped on the aquarium. These are best for medium and small aquariums.

It is advised to go through the list of aquarium filters before buying one.

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