Top Muscle Building Supplements for Men Above 35 Years


Putting on muscles and gaining weight is a difficult job and it requires a lot of hard work. Strict guidelines should be followed and proper exercise should be done. If you follow proper diet and have supplements, then you can improve your muscle gain and strength. After the age of 35, men have to work with proper care to build muscles.

Some ways to build muscles posts 35 are listed as under:

  • Get enough rest

As you get older, you need more rest and continuous strain gets difficult. Muscles need rest which helps it to grow and recover. Men need longer time in between exercises than women. Men should rest more and take frequent intervals.

It is essential to get 7-9 hours of sleep when you go for gaining muscles. It helps the hormone levels to function properly.

  • Take more proteins

In order to maintain the level of proteins in your body, you have to take about 30gm of proteins each day. It helps in maintaining the metabolism of your body. Muscle repair takes more time when men get older. If there is any problem in digesting higher levels of protein, it is because the pH levels of protein are quite less in your body.

Men above 35 should have lots of protein such as meat, eggs, fish, etc.

  • Take better care of your injuries

As you get older, there are more chances of you getting injured. It might be twisted in ankle or shoulder while you train. It is very important that you prevent injuries to a greater extent that you can. If you tend to them well, then you can go back to your training soon.

  • Stretching and warm-ups

Warm ups is very important before you start any kind of training or exercise. It helps one to loosen their muscles which lead to fewer injuries. The muscles in the neck and chest get stronger if you do at least 15 minutes warm up before exercise.


There are numerous muscle building stacks for men above 35 years available in the market and online. You have to choose the one which is best for you.

Some of these supplements are listed as under:

  • The basic level muscle stack

Staunch Whey Isolate is one of the best basic supplements for muscle gain. It contains about 25gm of protein and is good for the beginners. There are no artificial colors in it and is gluten-free. It can be taken together with Muscle Pharm Creatine which helps to increase the size of muscles.

  • The intermediate level muscle stack

Nitrotech is the only stack that comes to mind when you are training at the intermediate level and above 35 years. It contains 30g of protein with amino of 4g which helps in easy blending. It can be taken daily and levels of testosterone increase.

  • The advanced level muscle stack

Staunch Kanga Milk is the one name that is in the priority list when it comes to advance level muscle stack. It gives 40gm of protein which is really helpful. This stack can be taken on an alternate basis.


These are some of the healthy ways for men to gain muscle gain. Try out and feel the difference.

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