Get to Learn More About Memphis Like the Locals


Memphis is popular for its civil rights and music history. It is the second big city of Tennessee and got its name from Egypt’s ancient capital. Memphis means beautiful and enduring. The name is associated with ancient Egypt but Memphis has its personal pyramid. It is the ‘Pyramid Arena’, which was originally built as sports stadium but today it is an entertainment facility.

There are many facts about Memphis that only the locals are aware about. Tourists only get familiar with Elvis Presley home – Graceland, Rock N’ Soul Museum, Stax Museum, National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis Zoo, Shelby farm park, and all other tourist destinations. Let’s learn more about Memphis like the locals.

North Parkway

The Parkway System was designed in 1901 to connect two great parks Riverside and Overton. George Kessler, a landscape architect designed rectangular border that surround it [this was real Memphis city century ago].

North Parkway was also termed as Speedway because the parts which had straight portions with tree-lined streets were used by carriage and car owners to race. This practice got banned in 1910 and speed limit got imposed on total Parkway System.

Watch ducks March

In 1930, live ducks got added in the attractive Peabody Hotel Fountain. In 1940, Mr. Pembroke an animal trainer in a circus trained the ducks to march on red carpet. Tourists travel miles to see the ducks march even today.

‘Old bridge’

Tourist are aware about the Memphis-Arkansas Memorial Bridge, which carries interstate 55 across Mississippi River. The locals refer to it as old bridge started in 1949, so as to distinguish it from Hernando de Soto Bridge, the new shinier bridge opened in 1973 that connects interstate 40.

Daily same specialty for last 100 years

Vintage lunch room launched in the year 1918 is the oldest restaurant in Memphis. This little tea shop has consistently been serving turnip greens with corn sticks, since its establishment.

Popular as BBQ capital

Best BBQ is found only in Memphis. Award winning burgers are available at a BBQ joint since six decades at Bar-B-Q. This is the main reason that the city has large community of obese adult people [31.9%] was reported in recent ratings. However, the community is running and biking actively even though it is said to be the most obese city in the US. Largest BBQ competition around the world is hosted in Memphis, which offers prizes of more than $110,000.

Only place Elvis is respected as fashion choice

Thousands of tourist visit Graceland every year. At the Candlelight Vigil event many come dressed like Elvis. Some die-hard fans follow the look all year round.

Some interesting unpopular facts

  • Nickname of Memphis is ‘Bluff City’ or ‘The River City’
  • Birthplace of ‘Sun Studio’ and ‘Sound’
  • In 1922, Saunders started a mansion construction using pink Georgia marble. The Memphians called it ‘Pink Palace’. In 1923, Saunders declared bankruptcy so the unfinished mansion got donated to Memphis City. In 1967, it formally became Memphis Pink Palace Museum.

Visit Memphis, it is a vibrant city!

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