The Reasons Why Drugs Are Expensive


Drugs are not inherently expensive. There are many reasons to why they can cost you so much money. Some of the responsibility falls on medical insurance and the advertising spent on getting the drug to its customers. Mostly, though, it boils down to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is a complicated industry.

Research and Development

For many drugs, there’s little guarantee that a proposed drug will make it to the market. There are many different obstacles drug manufacturing encounters. Most of these obstacles occur during research and development.

Pharmaceutical companies must fund early trials and medical research to determine if a drug can be produced. After manufacturing the medicine, the companies must test the drug. Side effects from drugs can be difficult to track before clinical trials. To avoid possible litigation, the companies must be exhaustive in their initial tests.

Once the drug goes to human testing, the pharmaceutical companies will have to determine whether the drug can be mass produced or revised. In most cases, a drug will have to go through multiple iterations before it reaches the market. That means changing some part of the process as far back as the prototype stage.

Milling for Medicine

If you consider what is in a drug, you can also account for why they can be so expensive. They contain a perfect ratio of compounds designed to treat specific symptoms. They’re tested meticulously to prevent unwanted side effects. Now, consider how small a pill is.

Pharmaceutical companies must use particle size reduction equipment to sift out the right proportion of ingredients. You can’t eyeball a drug recipe. It requires absolute precision during production. Jet mill particle size reduction machines can break down compounds to the desired fineness. The manufacturers can then accurately set the ratio for the drug. Without particle size reduction equipment, drugs could be much less predictable and possibly dangerous.

Seeking Approval

One of the biggest hurdles in the pharmaceutical industry is the process of seeking approval. Regulations are strict and cut million dollar investments short. They’re designed this way to protect consumers. People don’t want to take something unsafe. As a result, the approval process for drugs can take a long time and cost pharmaceutical companies a lot of money. With the exorbitant financial costs of research and development, the complicated process of manufacturing drugs, and product approval process, it can cost companies millions of dollars to bring a drug to the market. Learning more about the process and the technologies can help put the cost of drugs into perspective. In time, because of technological changes in particle size reduction equipment or something else, prices may go down. That said, if the price does change, it will be slow.

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